About us

M&V Pharm SRB doo is a general importer and distributor of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Dacom Pharma from the Czech Republic. Considering that the Czech Republic is the most famous and the only certified producer of 99.9% pure collagen, the composition of our products is based on that.

M&V Pharm SRB d.o.o. is a new company in the market of the Republic of Serbia in the field of pharmacy, founded in 2013. M&V Pharm SRB d.o.o. is, basically, dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the quality of life and health – both of the individual and of society as a whole. It deals with the import and distribution of dietary products. It was created as a result of many years of professional work and market monitoring in the field of OTC programs, which resulted in the emergence of products that will be a parameter of quality and efficiency for all other competitive products. The condition to appear on our market was to be one step ahead of others and, thanks to our employees, we succeeded in doing so. We are proud of it!

Taking care of your health is part of us

We believe in the success of our business project! The knowledge and experience we have are aimed at setting new standards in health care; because it is no longer just a necessary need, but becomes a real challenge – both for the individual himself and for the entire human community. The technology in pharmacy and the opportunities in medicine are increasing every day, but at the same time, health care is becoming more and more expensive, and therefore inaccessible to the widest range of people. For these reasons, our team takes care to make the highest quality products available to every individual.


We are dedicated to offering superior products, accessible to everyone. We operate responsibly, striving to be the best partner to the health system, patients, consumers, suppliers, institutions, employees, all current and potential collaborators. Our key values are: care, quality, availability and trust.

Our vision

We want to develop into a regionally important pharmaceutical company, which will become a preferred partner in the entire health care system.

Our values

Our employees, in whom you will find: expertise, professionalism, integrity, and reliability.

History of Dacom Pharma
The company was founded in 1992 in Kyjove. It was engaged in the distribution of medicines, para pharmaceuticals products, and natural cosmetics. In the following years, the company focused on importing the missing range of products into the pharmaceutical market. In 1995, the company decided on a strategic move, which significantly changed the focus of the company. Based on research, they noticed that there are very few quality products intended for the musculoskeletal system. After intensive development, COLAFIT was created, which became the main product and the identity card of the company. Colafit is very popular among consumers, thanks to its high efficiency. All other products are based on Colafit (collagen of 99.9% purity) as the base in the composition.

Dacom Pharma certification

DACOM Pharma s.r.o.
IČO: 216667
Svatoborská 365, 697 01 Kyjov

Notification information for TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. according to the comparison of the standard “Good practices of manufacturing” (annex 2 Decreto 3863 de 2009) and “General conditions for the system of risk analysis and definition of critical control point (HACCP)” within the certification of the company DACOM Pharma s.r.o.
The company Dacom Pharma s.r.o. (hereinafter only the “Company”), as a certified producer of a company in the food industry, is involved in the production of nutritional supplements. During its activity, within the framework of export activity, it met with different standards and systems related to nutritional supplements, exactly with “Good Practices of Manufacturing” (hereinafter only “good manufacturing practices”, or just DPP) and “General conditions in the system of risk analysis and defining critical control points (HACCP)”.
The company keeps high standards, production quality, void, maintains, and fulfills HACCP criteria, which can be confirmed by certification of these systems and ways of working. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, translated as “Risk Analysis and Critical Control Points”) represents a scientific management system in the production of food products and introduces effective management procedures at critical points for medical food safety. In cases where the measured data differ from the defined limits, special corrective measures are prepared. In essence, this is the prevention of spoilage and the prevention of risks that can occur in food.
HACCP represents a package and a structure of standards, that have the function of preserving the quality of a particular product, but aim at the same goal – protecting the health of the consumer, patient, or user. According to HACCP, production processes are clearly defined and controlled. Validation of all critical processes in product production and distribution, the definition of standards in relation to personnel, organization, sanitation, and health protection at work, equipment maintenance, production conditions, storage of raw materials and materials used for packaging, complaints, and rights, withdrawal of products from the market, documentation, stability, and quality control that minimize the risk of danger.
The company’s key document within HACCP is “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points”, or the manual of the critical points system HAACP, which the company Dacom s. r. about. made according to our recommendation and which is already well known in TÜVCZ within the control activity.
It represents appropriate standards of safety and risk prevention for consumers. Contains the production process, risk and hazard analysis, critical control point plan, system control, record keeping, waste management, identification and traceability, packaging and delivery, maintenance of the environment and production plant, facility and environment control, proper hygiene practices, crisis management product withdrawals from the market and appropriate documentation.
The definition of critical points during the work of the food industry institute, that is, during the production process of nutritional supplements in the company, defines criteria, principles, standards, and critical points that must be met to prevent risk for the final consumer. The Rulebook represents fulfilling all general requirements in the risk analysis and control points system.

Meet our team


Mr Pharm. Brankica Milinković

Regional manager

Mirjana Jakovljević
Dr Mirjana Jakovljević
Brankica Timotijević
Dr Brankica Timotijević
Tatjana Babić
Dr Tatjana Babić

Professional - commercial team

Milica Pušara
B.Sc. Eng. farm. technology of Milica Pušar
Gordana Dimitrijević
Dr Gordana Dimitrijević
Vesna Marković Stojanović
Dr Vesna Stojanović Marković
Žana Lešić
Dr Žana Lešić
Mr Pharm. Rastko Gligorić
Mr Pharm. Ljiljana Pavićević
Dr Slađana Stanković Ivić
Ana Marija Lolić
Dr Ana Marija Lolić
Sanja Đorđević
Sanja Đorđević
Marija Cvetković
Marija Cvetković
Đorđe Avramović
Đorđe Avramović
Nenad Bajat
Nenad Bajat
Miljan Đumić
Miljan Đumić
Radovan Vidović
Radovan Vidović

Administrative team

Jelena Marković
Jelena Marković
Dunja Đurić
Dunja Đurić
Branislav Prijović
Branislav Prijović

We at M&V PHARM SRB believe in:

We consider our employees to be our greatest asset. Our employees have vast experience in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, economics, law… which is confirmed by the fact that our professional team consists of: masters of pharmacy, doctors of medical sciences, doctors, microbiologists, lawyers, economists…

By constant improvement of working conditions, rapid exchange of information and constant education of employees, we have created professional and motivated teams of people, who effectively achieve all set goals.

We do what we say. We provide services of the highest possible quality and reliability. We encourage the individual skills, potential, and motivation of our employees to continue to improve our services for our clients.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity imply openness and prudence, trust and honesty in all our business relationships.

Personal responsibility

We consider each other as equals and recognize the abilities of each individual.

Strong customer relationships

Our relationship with clients is more than just a business relationship. Our goal is to understand people and not just their business and to build long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Mutual support

We treat clients with respect and dignity and have highly developed ethical principles regarding the exchange of information and mutual consultation.