M&V Pharm SRB

We are a company that operates in the pharmacy field, founded in 2013. M&V Pharm SRB doo is dedicated to improving and preserving the quality of life and health of both individuals and society as a whole. We import and distribute dietary products and medical devices.

Our products

We offer top-notch products available to everyone. We operate responsibly, striving to be the best partner to the healthcare system, patients, consumers, and suppliers.

Our team

Successful companies are made up of successful and satisfied people

We consider our employees to be our greatest asset. Our employees have vast experience in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, economics, law... Which is confirmed by the fact that our professional team consists of: masters of pharmacy, doctors of medical sciences, doctors, microbiologists, lawyers, economists...

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Our company has all necessary certificates for business.
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If you have additional questions, or want to get in touch with us, the M&V Pharm team is always ready to cooperate!