Hyalfit gel with capsaicin

Gel with heating effect Forget about chronic pain! Effective in all rheumatic diseases Strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect!

Therapeutic indications:

• rheumatic pains,
• pain in the neck and shoulders,
• back pain,
• lumbago,
• sciatica,
• arthritis,
• sprains,
• muscle spasms,
• bruises,
• sports injuries

Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract

the active principle is the amide alkaloid capsaicin. Capsaicin applied to the skin causes a burning sensation and hyperemia (increased circulation in the treated area), which helps relieve pain. The mechanism of action is based on capsaicin binding to receptors on sensory neurons in the skin, the so-called. vanilloid receptor type 1 (VR-1). These are ion channels that are activated by high temperature, chemical or physical stimuli. Binding of capsaicin to the VR-1 receptor causes a nerve signal that is interpreted in the brain as a burning sensation.

Boswellia serrata extract

the active principle of Boswellia acids – inhibits the enzyme lipoxygenase 6 – prevents the synthesis of leukotrienes, mediators of inflammation and pain (the basis of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect).

Symphitym officinale extract

(comfrey) – active principles allantoin, ellagic and rosmarinic acid,
Allantoin – ability to create new tissue (regenerative properties), acts on swelling and reduces pain. Proven effective for sprains, sprains, bruises, contusions, hard swellings, muscle and joint ailments.
Ellagic and rosmarinic acid (polyphenolic antioxidants) – proven antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

Aesculus hippocastanum extract

(horse chestnut) – active principle escin (a mixture of triterpene glucosides)) – improves the tone of blood vessel walls, normalizes their permeability, promotes capillary blood flow and lymph circulation, as well as venous blood flow.

Hyaluronic acid

an integral part of the synovial fluid of the joints.


Apply to the painful area 1-3 times a day. A completely natural preparation. It should not be used by children under 3 years of age. It must not be applied to mucous membranes, damaged skin or open wounds.