Beauty comes from within

Date: 09.04.2024.

Author: Mr Pharm. Brankica Milinković

Devojka vežba sa tegovima

You must have heard countless times by now that cosmetics and routine care are not enough for a well-groomed woman, but lifestyle and proper nutrition play an extremely important role in preserving beauty and health. There are some other crucial things that every woman should know and skillfully use in the interest of her beauty and health.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and makes up 70% of the skin. The main role of collagen is to maintain the structure and resistance of the skin. Collagen fibers create a network that strengthens the layers of the skin and into which important components of the skin are incorporated, such as elastin, which maintains elasticity, and hyaluronic acid, which maintains skin moisture. With aging, the number and activity of cells that produce collagen (fibroblasts) decreases. As the fibroblasts become less active, the collagen matrix, which ensures the structure and strength of the skin, begins to break down. Elastic fibers also lose their integrity over time, and the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases with age. Because of this, the skin becomes thinner and dehydrated, and wrinkles and deep furrows appear. Therefore, smooth, firm and youthful skin requires an optimal amount of well-organized collagen fibers that will ensure that the skin maintains its elasticity, firmness and ability to bind moisture.

Research has shown that lyophilized collagen introduced into the body can stimulate the synthesis of new collagen fibers by stimulating fibroblasts.

Biologically active lyophilized collagen was created as a result of a sensational scientific discovery. Science has managed to prove that the protein that has been added to cosmetic products and supplements until now is perceived by the body as a foreign body and is very difficult to accept. Based on this knowledge, a patented collagen extraction method was created. This method made it possible to maintain the integrity of the fragile triple helix structure of collagen, typical only of the proteins of living organisms. The resulting three-dimensional structure of amino acids (which is identical to the human one) makes COLAFIT collagen bioactive.

Colafit is lyophilized collagen (created by lyophilization – a relatively new, most reliable technological procedure for obtaining and preserving the most optimal concentration of a living or sensitive structure).

Colafit is a biologically active addition to daily skin care that nourishes from the inside for visible results from the outside. It improves the structure, elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Mr Pharm. Brankica Milinković


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