Devojka koju boli vrat

When movement hurts, recognize it and act

Pain is a subjective, unpleasant perception and feeling, which can occur due to tissue damage, its impending damage, or due to psychological causes. It occurs in almost all diseases and injuries. One of the most common pains we encounter is joint pain. Joints represent joints,...

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Devojka vežba sa tegovima

Beauty comes from within

You must have heard countless times by now that cosmetics and routine care are not enough for a well-groomed woman, but lifestyle and proper nutrition play an extremely important role in preserving beauty and health. There are some other crucial things that every woman should...

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The possibility for a better quality of life without pain

Preventive and correct behavior in everyday life and activities can greatly affect the preservation of health, improvement of quality of life and reduction of ailments. These are postulates that we all already know, but what happens when pain occurs? The causes that lead to painful...

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Vitamin D3, necessary or necessary?

In the last few years, vitamin D3 has received great and justified attention from experts and the general public. An increasing number of studies indicate the importance of vitamin D3 and that its level in the blood is a good parameter for assessing general health,...

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Osteoporosis, the silent thief of bones

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone density and quality are reduced, which leads to a weakening of the skeleton and increases the risk of fractures. The amount of calcium that normally ensures the strength of bones and bone tissue, which enables the supporting function...

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Oxidative stress – the silent killer

Oxidative stress is that which does not hurt and has no specific symptoms, and carries the epithet “silent killer”. The modern lifestyle leads to an increased risk of oxidative stress. Bad lifestyle habits, insufficient physical activity, unbalanced and poor nutrition lead to a state of...

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